Excellent work! That`s what our customers say.

Every award is -at the same time- an incentive for us not to let up and to become even better. To steer thinking into the perspective of the customer. Absolute orientation concerning the market requirements of our customers.

Of course, we are very proud that our customer Krone has named us – several times- “Supplier of the Year”. The “Innovation Prize for Trade” is also a very special honor. The seals that identify us as a top employer and family-friendly company are also very important to us.

Our awards

Krone Award 2019

Awarded as Supplier of the Year 2019

Krone Award 2011

Awarded as Supplier of the Year 2011

Krone Award 2010

Awarded as Supplier of the Year 2010

Innovation award

Innovation award 2019 “Fügen in Handwerk”


Awarded to be an Ökoprofit company in 2014

Business plus family

Awarded as a family-friendly company

Supplier award

Another award for MBH!
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