Highest precision when welding in series production.

Laser welding at MBH - perfection to the point.

Precise welding with precise energy input, high welding speed for every seam geometry and minimal material distortion due to lower heat input. The advantages of laser welding are obvious.

But with the new MBH fiber laser, we are adding another highlight. Deep laser welding and heat conduction welding are possible in one process. If you want to know exactly how we can implement your products perfectly, Berthold Pliet will get to the point for you!

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Berthold Pliet


Data and facts at a glance

Laser welding

Your advan­tages at a glance


Maximum welding speed and perfect precision at the same time


Post-processing processes become superfluous


Low- warpage through reduction of the heat inputng


Highest process automation for economical series production

Engineering services

Own welding engineers and QA teams are always involved


All important ISO certifications
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aser welding plant at MBH