Anything but super­ficial on the surface.

Refined to last – with MBH surface technology


Whether it is a small sheet metal component or a huge frame construction – we have free blasting rooms for steel and stainless steel as well as a combined painting and drying system with 15x5x4.5m that can be heated for enamelling.

As a system supplier – in some cases with long-term, highly specialized partners – we refine all surfaces to complete completion according to your wishes: powder coating, KTL, galvanizing, galvanizing, anodizing and, and, and …

If you don’t want to remain on the surface with your questions, speak to Thorsten Hagedorn.

Your contact person
Thorsten Hagedorn
Data and facts at a glance
Max. size continuous blast machine

LxWxH | 2250 mm x 1100 mm x 500 mm

Max. size of the glass bead blasting cabin

LxWxH | steel 9,5 m x 4 m x 4,1 m // stainless steel 5,2 m x 4 m x 4,1 m

Max. size of the spray booth

LxWxH | 13 m x 3,8 m x 3 m

Your advan­tages at a glance

Quality management

QA team always involved for seamless quality controls

Complete processing

Complete processing by us up to delivery to you


All important ISO certifications

Finishing options

All conceivable surface finishes, some with long-term partners